What You Will Receive

After 20 years of organizing homes across the country I have created this course so that I can now share my knowledge & expertise with you!

  • As your personal organizing coach I will share my tips, tricks and systems for getting organized.

  • A copy of my best-selling book: Organize Now! a week-by-week plan to simplify your space & life.

  • Real life home tours of the rooms in my home.

  • Over 20 video & audio coaching sessions.

  • Be motivated by a deeper why for getting organized once and for all.

  • A step-by-step plan for decluttering & organizing your home.

  • Private login access to my easy-to-use & mobile-friendly course platform

  • A spiritual perspective on getting organized.

  • How to maintain an organized home after you complete this course.

  • Lifetime Access!

Course curriculum

The Home Reset

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Let's get pumped up!

    • Clutter: Define It and Eliminate It

    • Things That Matter: The important stuff in a home

    • This Is Us: Not Our Stuff

  • 3

    Get Organized Room By Room

    • Welcome!!! A message from Jennifer

    • Organize Your Kitchen Surfaces

    • Organize Your Kitchen Cupboards

    • Weekly Planner: kitchen cupboards (print & post for reminders)

    • Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

    • Welcome to My Kitchen

    • My Kitchen Tour

    • Organize Your Pantry

    • My Walk In Pantry Tour

    • Printable Pantry Labels

    • Video of My Simple Refrigerator

    • Organize Your Mudroom

    • My Mudroom Tour

    • Organize Your Bathroom

    • How I Organize My Makeup Drawer

    • Organize Your Family Room

    • Welcome to My Family Room

    • My Family Room Tour

    • Organize Your Basement

    • Organize Your Garage

    • Organize Your Bedroom Closet

    • Organize Your Bedroom

  • 4

    More Expert Advice!

    • Home Organization & Responsible Consumption with Amanda Sullivan

    • A Chat with Professional Organizer: Jen Kilbourne

    • Home Renovation & Design Tips with Christy Biberich

    • How to Use Behavioral Color Psychology in Your Home with Mehnaz Khan

    • How To Create a Wardrobe Capsule and Implement Time Blocking with Amanda Warfield

    • How to Create a Non Toxic Bedroom with Deborah DeMare

  • 5

    Next Steps...

    • Jennifer's Book: Organize Now! A Week-By-Week Plan To Simplify Your Space & Your Life

    • More resources for you

    • More about the Organize Now! book.

    • Before you go...

Let Me Help You My Friend

You have clutter and need organization and I can teach you everything I know after 20 years.

Get started now

Jennifer is Amazing to Work With!

Jeri N.

I’ve been working with Jennifer for the past several months decluttering and organizing my home. Jennifer is amazing to work with! She has such a great vision as to how to prioritize and tackle any of the tasks that need to be accomplished. She quickly implements an efficient plan for each of our sessions! Jennifer is extremely patient and her enthusiasm and determination to get the job done are contagious. Whenever we finish a session, I am always amazed at how much has been done in just a few hours. Jennifer’s help has freed me from so much unnecessary clutter in my life so that I can pursue more of the things I enjoy!! Thank you Jennifer. Jennifer is a terrific and very professional organizer!!!

Finally Learned to Declutter!

Laura W

Change is not always easy and can be overwhelming. Jen does an incredible job giving you the control, while she is guiding you to the desired outcome. Over the past ten years, Jen has helped me understand that I don't have to keep those candlesticks, just because they were my great aunts. I can keep what I love and display only what makes me happy. As a special education teacher, I use the organizational techniques to help parents and children break down categories for an easier schedule and daily transitions. Jen provides you with those extra help that we all so desperately need.

Skills That Drastically Eliminate Stress!

Nicole K.

Hiring Jennifer to help me organize my home has truly been a life-changing experience. She has transformed every room in my home and has inspired me to live a life without clutter...permanently! Jennifer has taught me organizational skills that I now incorporate into my daily routine. These skills help me save time and drastically eliminate stress.

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